Why Soda is Bad for Your Health-Top Reasons

Still drinking soda? Well, everyone loves a refreshing drink especially on a warm sunny day! Soda is arguably the most popular drink in the world thanks to its wide global acceptance and consumption. However, there are many reasons why soda is bad for your health. Why it is okay to take these drinks occasionally, constantly consuming them can pose serious health risks especially as you grow older.

Soda is mainly made up of simple carbohydrates or refined sugar. Here are top reasons why soda should be avoided as much as possible.

Soda Can Cause Insulin Resistance

The level of sugar in the blood


Soda contains very high amount of sugar that can cause a rapid rise in blood sugar and subsequently lead to insulin resistance and type-2 diabetes. Insulin is the master hormone that is released from the pancreas to transport glucose to the receptors which are the cells. Its main job is to keep blood sugar at optimal level. When you consume high amount of sugar contained in soda, it is quickly converted to glucose which rapidly raises blood sugar.

When there is excess sugar in the blood, excess insulin is released from the pancreas. The receptors of glucose which are the cells are very sensitive and open their doors only when normal amount of insulin is released. When the cells sense that excess insulin has been released, they close their doors which compels insulin to lead the excess glucose to be stored in the liver or the belly. At this stage, the body is insulin-resistant.

What does this imply?

When excess glucose and insulin continue to storm the doors of the cells, they also repeatedly close their doors and become more resistant and type-2 diabetes develops. Which means that the normal insulin levels can no longer open the doors of the cells and the body requires higher and higher levels of insulin. This is one of the major reason reasons why soda is bad for your health. The good news is that insulin resistance can be reversed by significantly cutting down on the consumption of soda or refined sugars before it gets to the level of type-2 diabetes. Learn more about how to prevent diabetes here

They do not contain essential nutrients

Our  bodies need a daily supply of essential nutrients like protein, complex carbs, fiber, vitamins, mineral and healthy fats. Soda does not contain any of these nutrients, just sugar! Drinking soda can give you temporary satisfaction but does not add any nutritional value to your body. So why frequently indulge in a drink that gives brief satisfaction at the expense of a long term health condition? Rather than consuming soda when you are thirsty, drink lots of water which is good for your body.

If you love juices, choose freshly squeezed orange juice and consume with pulp to gain the fiber content or fresh water melon and carrot or pineapple juice which contains natural sugar in the form of fructose.

Soda can cause belly fat and weight gain

Do you know that the size of your waist is a great indicator of your health? Well, it is! Dr Sears says that a man’s waist should not be more than 40 inches while a woman’s waist should not be more than 35 inches. This is because if your waist is higher than these numbers, your chances of heart diseases goes higher.

Belly fat is mainly caused by excess consumption of simple carbohydrates or refined sugar which largely contained in soda. When the cell closes its doors as a result of excess blood sugar and insulin, the glucose is mostly stored in the belly. This can lead to overweight or obesity which are both risk factors for heart disease.

Soda does not fill you up

One of the top reasons why soda is bad for your health is that it does not fill you up! Because soda is basically empty and lacking in nutrients, it digests super fast and it makes you feel hungry again very quickly! As you grow older, try to eat foods that fill you up. Foods that are rich in protein (poultry, dairy, fish, meat and quinoa), health fats (avocados, seafood, nuts and but butters, seeds and seed oils and olive oil) and fiber (whole grains, fruits and vegetables) take longer time to digest so they curtail hunger and keep you full longer.

What is a great substitute to soda?

Another healthy and refreshing way to eat or drink is to sip smoothies! Smoothies are very delicious, easy to make and very satisfying. Adding some ice cubes to your smoothies makes it even more refreshing and is a great alternative to soda or unhealthy drinks. So what are you waiting for? Begin to explore different alternative or substitutes to unhealthy foods and drinks and I guarantee that you will enjoy the delicious goodness of nature and your body will thank you for it!

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How often do you take soda? Do you find this post helpful? Let us know in the comment section and share to save someone’s life.

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