How To Prevent Obesity In Children


Obesity is a condition in which an individual is very fat or overweight. It is associated with many health issues including diabetes and heart diseases like high blood pressure. This has created an awareness or consciousness of its danger among adults. Obesity is not just dangerous for adults but also children. Many people have the notion that children can consume anything including foods and snacks that are high in sugars or simple carbohydrates because they are super active and the tendency to burn energy is very high. However, continuous consumption of such unhealthy foods can gradually accumulate and result to obesity. Obesity can be high or mild. In cases of high obesity, it is very crucial to take the child to a physician for remedy while mild obesity can be improved through change of diet.

Reduce Sugars or Simple Carbohydrates Consumption

Children are lovers of anything sweet. In fact, many people give treats to kids as a reward for positive behavior. TheySugar are always super excited to have ice creams, cakes, refined juices and drinks, chocolates, candies, biscuits, cookies, muffins, doughnuts and many others. While these are not bad for children as they are sources of energy which is very essential for kids, they should not take them very frequently. Remember that bread in burger, rice, french fries and pasta meals already contain amount of carbohydrates which will be converted to simple sugars. Snacking on more sugary foods means more sugar supply to the blood. It is very common for children to snack on these foods at home or in parties but parents should bear in mind that too much intake to sweets not only lead to obesity but can also result to type 2 diabetes in children as well as tooth decay. I visit the dentist routinely to clean my teeth and I see many children battling tooth decay. This can be avoided by effective control of sweets consumption among children. Also, ensure that kids brush their teeth at least twice a day, in the morning and night to wash off and kill germs that cause dental health issues.

Give Healthier Alternatives To Food

Just like there are always two sides to a coin, there are healthier options of foods that are not so healthy. If you really want to prevent obesity and other related diseases in your children, food choices will play the most significant role. For instance, if your kid or kids love orange juice, buy fresh oranges from the grocery store and juice yourself. There are very simple and cheap manual orange juicers and electrical ones which are more expensive. Apply this to every fruit that can be juiced because many of the packet juices in the store are made up of fruit concentrates and additional sugar. Except a few that says 100% natural on the pack which we are not sure of. You can replace regular muffins with oat muffins which is a healthier alternative. Almond cakes are also delicious and a great option for regular cakes. White bread can be replaced with brown bread. Give children foods that are rich in fiber to make them feel full and keep frequent hunger at bay. Also, children who are not allergic to nuts can snack on nuts like almond, cashew nuts or even peanuts. Crackers can be given in place of biscuits. Yogurts are also nutritious snack option as well as fruits and vegetables. This does not just check obesity but supplies their body with powerful essential nutrients.

Engage Children in Sport Activities

Exercises are very important for every individual including children. It helps to keep the body physically and Swimmingmentally fit. It also burns calories. Overweight occurs when calorie intake is higher than calorie expended. Therefore, it is very important for kids to engage in sports as a form of exercise to burn energy. There are many kinds of sports and kids somehow love at least one of them. All forms of sports are interesting and they are also forms of exercises. Find that sport that your child loves and enroll him/her in it. Some kids end up even developing passion for a particular kind of sport and grow up to build on it as a career. Certain sports like swimming is a life skill and very essential for kids to learn how to swim. There are many sport activities that kids can choose from. Tennis, soccer, T-ball or base ball, bike riding and swimming among others. Do not compel your child or children to engage in activities they have no interest in just because you want them to be part of it. Interest plays a huge role in making a particular sport a routine. Help them find the ones they love or are keen on and they will always look forward to going for it while delivering its benefit to their body.

Portion Control

Portion control is not just important for adults but also children. When you notice that your child eats large amount of food and is rapidly gaining weight, it is necessary to reduce the quantity of food you give the child, especially ones that are high in carbs. It applied it on my daughter and it helped to check her weight. She suddenly started eating a large amount of food like an adult’s portion and was seriously gaining weight. I recognized the danger if she continues on that path and reduced her food portion and her gave her more protein and fiber rich foods like whole grain meals and it helped to keep her weight under control.

Remember to always care for the ones you love and every step taken at the right time counts.

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