How to Lose Weight on Low Carb Diet


Do you want to lose weight while staying healthy? This is for you! Sometimes people take drastic steps to lose weight especially when Doctors tell them that they are overweight or obese and need lose some weight to manage a particular ailment, maintain their health or prevent certain health issues especially coronary heart diseases. I have seen people starve themselves and exercise while at it, without food just to lose weight. They eventually lost some weight but looked very weak and sick. This in my opinion is not the best because if weight loss is to keep you healthy, then it should not make you sick or harm your health. You can actually lose weight gradually while staying strong and healthy with low carb diet. This is a link to a great cookbook with tons of healthier options that can help you achieve your health or weight goals


Foods to Eat

Weight gain usually occurs when energy intake is higher than energy expenditure or when more calories get into the body than it is being lost. If you are really looking to lose weight, what you consume plays a huge role. Consider healthier options of food that are high in protein and fiber than carbohydrates. This is because protein and fiber rich foods will make you feel full and eat less and increase the number of calories you burn. They mostly have fewer carbohydrates and will deliver less starch or sugar to the body. The key to a healthy weight loss is to eat foods that are rich in protein, vegetables and fat, particularly, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fat.

PROTEIN RICH FOODS: Protein is an essential body nutrient that is the most filling according to research. This is a great food option for weight loss as a high protein diet can help you burn some calories and keep your weight loss journey on track.

  • Eggs: Egg is very nutritious food that is high in protein. Although the yolk is high in cholesterol, studies Eggsshow that it is not bad for the body and a healthy person can consume up to 3 whole eggs per day. Eggs also make one feel full when eaten which can control hunger or the need to eat frequently which can in turn aid weight loss. Eggs can be enjoyed in different ways and remain delicious. Boiled, fried as omelet, scrambled eggs or even baked with vegetables in the oven.
  • Salmon: Salmon is a fish and super food that is very rich in protein and Omega-3 fatty acid which studies show can reduce inflammation which is associated with obesity or heart disease. This very delicious food is packed with nutrients that are essential to the body without causing any harm. Sometimes I eat baked salmon and baby spinach as a meal and I feel full and satisfied. This can be part of a good weight loss diet that can keep you healthy.
  • Chicken: Chicken breast has zero carb but very high in protein and Vitamin B-6. It also contains other nutrients that provide great benefits for the body. This is fantastic for a low carb diet as it makes one feel full while delivering other nutrients to the body.
  • Greek Yogurt: This is a dairy product different from the regular yogurt. It contains more protein than milk and also contains calcium and probiotics which are healthy bacteria that strengthens the immune system and decrease stomach issues. Greek yogurt is also a great source of iodine which according to studies, increases thyroid activity which in turn increases metabolism, promoting weight loss. It also makes one feel full and a great snack option for anyone.
  • Legumes: Legumes include foods like beans, peas, lentils and chick peas. These are low carb, high protein and fiber foods. They can supply carbohydrates required and also contain other nutrients like vitamins and minerals which function differently to keep the body healthy.

VEGETABLES:Vegetables are one of the healthiest food categories on earth. These plant foods are loaded with fiber, vitamins and minerals that will deliver great benefits to the body without increasing weight. These are great food options that aid weight loss and maintain the body.

  • Broccoli: This is a super food that is loaded with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fiber. It is an excellentVegetables source of Vitamin C which helps to strengthen the immune system. Broccoli can be eaten raw, steamed, cooked in a microwave oven or stir-fried. Research however shows that cooking broccoli can reduce its health benefits though steaming have lesser negative effects.
  • Cauliflower: This is a vegetable which is actually a type of broccoli. It is very low in carb and supply essential nutrients like vitamins and minerals to the body.
  • Asparagus: Another vegetable that is packed with vitamins and minerals. They are eaten steamed or roasted. I love eating asparagus and baked salmon as a low carb weight loss meal.
  • Green Leafy Vegetables: These are different variety of edible leaves of plants which includes, spinach, lettuce, kale, cabbage, parsley, celery leaf among others. They are very rich in vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants which help to keep the body healthy. They are eaten in different in ways. They are mostly eaten raw in salads or just added to cooked food to get their benefits. Some even add them to soups or served with grilled protein like chicken or fish.

FATS : This is a nutrient that is also essential to the body. There are two categories of fat. Unhealthy and healthy fats. The unhealthy fats include Trans fat and saturated fats while the healthy fats are monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats which deliver healthy benefits to the body. These fats are from vegetables, nuts, seeds and fish. They help to balance the cholesterol level in the blood and promote a healthy heart.

Foods rich in monounsaturated fat include avocado, almonds, cooking oils made from plants or seeds like canola, olive, soybean peanuts, sesame and sunflower. Foods rich in polyunsaturated fat which are mostly Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids include salmon, sesame spread, chia seeds, flax seeds, pine nuts, walnuts, Brazil nuts and also soybean, canola, sunflower and safflower oil. Choose the healthier fats option and stay healthy while losing weight.

FRUITS: Fruits are plants foods that are delicious and contain great amount of minerals and vitamins. They have different levels nutrients content including carbohydrates or fructose. Some fruits can fit into your weight loss diet because they are low in carb or sugar. These include watermelon, strawberries, cantaloupe, peaches, honey dew and avocados. If  you are not sure on how to plan your low carb diet, don’t worry, this  cookbook with several variety of options will come to your rescue.

Foods To Avoid

Just as there are foods to consume when on a weight loss journey, so are there foods at do away with. Foods that are high in simple carbohydrates or sugars are not good for weight loss because they can rapidly increase calories in your body as well as blood sugars. These include sugary drinks, pastries, cookies and cakes, white bread, white rice, pasta, candy bars, normal chocolates, beers among others. If you crave for some of these foods, you can take a small portion of the healthier options that contain complex carbohydrates and fiber like whole grain foods, brown rice, grapefruit, pomegranate, apples and strawberries.

Good To Know

Weight loss does not occur overnight with the healthy natural option. But taking the right steps in terms of food and lifestyle can facilitate it and help you reach your goals. Exercising alongside healthy eating is recommended for weight loss and to keep the body fit and healthy.




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18 Responses

  1. Hello, thanks for writing about this. My doctor recently told me i need to loose weight but i never considered what I eat to be working against my workouts for loosing weight. Eating healthy will definitely help me & your article gave me info on where to start.

  2. Hi Lovelyn,
    What a great informative article!! This is what I am looking for! I learn so much about how to lose weight thanks to your post. Now I know what food to eat in order to not to overweight and what to avoid to keep the body fit and healthy.
    All the best

  3. Great advice Lovelyn, I used this way of eating to lose 56lb last year. I aimed for a pound a week over a year. Just changing my eating habits to exactly what you describe in your post worked for me.

    I found doing it slowly has helped me keep the weight off for the last 7 months as I have tried losing weight quickly before and I always ended up putting back on. Not this time I won’t.

    Thanks for the information and I hope people who read your article take some notice and start their journey into a healthier future.


  4. I like your list of foods that are rich in protein. These are all excellent choices and I am a firm believer of eating food rich in protein.

    I am glad you threw in some vegetable options as well. Many people just do not like vegetables but you have given some excellent and tasty choices.

    Those sugary drinks are deadly and if its one thing I would urge everyone to stay away from it would be sodas.

    Thanks for sharing an excellent way to lose weight on a low carb diet.

  5. Great article I have been sticking to a ketogenic diet for a while now and found it is good for fat burning as you say.

    I also found that I have more energy, sleep better and I am more clear-headed is this something you have found?

    1. Thank you. I went on strictly low carb diet for a short time because I had to lose a few Kilos to keep my weight right. I still eat very healthy to maintain my weight. I actually feel better and stronger.

  6. So inspiring lovely,will always maintain my low carb diet..makes one healthier and still keep u younger than ur age…
    Yes to healthy living.

  7. Thanks for putting this together Lovelyn. I will try out this your formula of low carb diet and shed some weight. Will give you feedback once I start seeing changes.

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