How To Follow a Low Carb Diet Plan


It is one thing to begin a journey and it is another thing to continue and stay on track despite challenges encountered along the way to reach your destination. This comes to play in almost everything we choose to do as human beings. Many people choose low carb diet for weight loss or to stay healthy since it cuts down or curtails excess consumption of sugars which are harmful to the body. To achieve a goal, it is necessary to plan towards it and try to follow this plan. The big question is ‘how do you follow a low carb diet plan?’ to help you achieve your health or weight goals. Before that, you need to know what a low carb diet plan is.

What is a Low Carb Diet Plan

A low carb diet plan is a detailed formula or recipe of foods or meals that are low in carbohydrates and high in other nutrients which is adopted by an individual towards achieving a weight loss or health goal. Everyone choosing this diet option for any reason should have a plan of how to go about it. Combination of foods and what to eat as breakfast, lunch and dinner including in restaurants on a daily basis. A low carb diet is food that contains 20 to 100g of carbohydrates per day depending on tolerance. A calorie is simply a unit of energy and your brain and body needs energy to function. One gram of carbohydrate and protein have 4 calories each while a gram of fat has 9 calories. The daily requirement of calorie intake to maintain or lose weight depends on age, current weight, height, activity levels, metabolic health and others. It is very important to put all these into consideration before setting for a particular plan so you supply the body with what it needs without harming it.

  • A low crab diet plan in a day can consist of whole grain cereals and low fat milk, or one medium sliced wholeSalmon wheat bread or almond bread with two whole eggs, boiled or fried in olive oil, a cup of coffee and creamer if you prefer it white and a few strawberries for breakfast.
  • Small quantity of brown rice with chicken breast and vegetable sauce for lunch. One whole apple or Greek yogurt or nuts ( almond, Brazil, pecan, walnut) for snacks and
  • Baked salmon and baby spinach or vegetable salad (lettuce, cabbage, tomatoes, onions and some grated carrot) for dinner. The most important thing is having a plan you follow daily that consists of the healthier options of foods and drinks. If you are having a hard time following a low carb diet, this cookbook will surely keep you on track! It contains tons of healthier options of the food you love.

Be Determined

LadyNow you know what a low carb diet and plan looks like, the next thing is for you to really decide if you want to go for it and stick to it for the required period to achieve your goals, if you do not notice any negative effect on your body. I know it is hard to love a particular food like white rice, white bread, ice cream, cheese, french fries, soda and turn a blind eye when you see it but you really have to make that resolve to avoid them for your own good. Yes, turn a blind eye to that delicious Cold Stone ice cream flavor you love and YES to a healthy heart, weight and body.

When in a restaurant, choose meals that are low in carb and high in other nutrients based on your diet needs. Feel free to ask the waiters or waitress for exactly what you want and ask them not to add what you do not want in your food. For instance, Cheese is high in protein, vitamin and minerals, but also high in saturated fats which is not a healthy fat. So when I am ordering a menu with cheese, I ask them not to add it or I go for an option without it.

Control Portion Sizes

The size or quantity of food you consume is very crucial because it determines the amount of nutrients you send into the body. Taking too much of any nutrient can have a negative effect on your health. Eating the right portion and expending the right amount of calories or energy help to keep a balance. Eat to be full but do not overfeed yourself. It will make you feel uncomfortable and heavy. Thankfully, foods rich in protein and fiber make you feel you. If you are on a low carb diet and choose complex carbohydrates like whole grain cereals, brown rice, whole wheat bread or fruits which are also rich in fiber, take only a small portion so that by the time the food goes through the process of breaking down and conversion to glucose, only small or amount needed for proper functioning of the body will be left and there won’t be excess to store.

Some people are very lucky to have a high metabolism which makes their body burn energy faster than their peers of the same age. Such people do not easily gain weight but the truth is that, it is generally more difficult to lose weight than gain weight. So try to supply the body with what it needs rather than what it wants. For a great guide, check this out!


Healthy eating plays a huge factor in your overall well-being, however, remember that exercise is also as important. It helps you burn energy and strengthen your body. Before you choose any low carb diet or healthy eating plan, talk to your physician, or nutritionist to get expert advice on what is best for you based on your age, current weight, blood sugar and height.

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