High Fiber, Low Carb Foods-Dieting Made Easy

Chia Seeds

When you hear the dieting, what readily comes to mind is the that it will involve a selection of foods for specific body or heath needs. There lots of high fiber, low carb foods that can suit your dieting needs

Foods high in fiber that won’t sacrifice your low-carb diet.

Eating little to no carbs is a big deal in the diet scene right now. With so many people boasting of its benefits, it’s clear to see why. Weight-loss, lowered blood pressure, and an increase in energy are just some pros that adherents to the low-carb diet (otherwise known as the keto diet) have professed. It must be noted, however, that there are some precautions to take before embarking on any diet that restricts an entire food group. Whether you are just trying to cut back on carbs or are getting ready to make a low-carb lifestyle shift, it is vital that you ensure you have enough fiber in your diet.

It may not be immediately obvious but the majority of high-carb foods that we consume day to day are also where we get our essential fiber from. A grown adult needs on average 30g of fiber a day if they wish to stay in top health and avoid the negative consequences of a low fiber diet such as constipation and lethargy.

Finding the right balance between this trade off can seem like no easy feat, there is a way to achieve a low-carb, high-fiber die though, and you can find out how from this article!

Fiber does not raise blood sugar levels as carbs do so they can healthily be implemented into your diet. Fiber can also regulate the effect of carbs in your bloodstream thus furthering your progress with a low-carb diet. Adding additional fiber to your diet and ensuring you reach your daily recommended intake goes hand in hand with staving off disease. Research has shown time and time again that fiber is not to be feared, and may even save your life. Coming in all shapes and sizes, learning how to pick the optimal type of fiber for health is of utmost importance.

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What foods are high in fiber but low in carbs?

If you wish to start at the very top and have a zero-tolerance policy on carbs, you may want to stock up on Chia and Chia SeedsFlax seeds. Easy to sprinkle over any meal with their inoffensive and subtle taste, these tiny seeds pack a punch of 1.9g of fiber for every 2g of product. The seeds come in both soluble and insoluble forms allowing you to even stir some into your morning coffee! So sprinkle a pinch onto your meals throughout your day and you’ll be well on your way to reaching your daily intake of fiber. They are also make a great addition to smoothies if you are a smoothie lover. Flax seeds and chia seeds can be found on the shelf in grocery store or here on Amazon.

If you’re prone to hunger pangs while out and about why pistachios are a great choice for you. With 3 grams of fiber for every 5 grams of carbs, you couldn’t go wrong. Throw them into any trail mix you might make or just eat them straight – they’re a tasty, healthy and fulfilling alternative to any carb-filled snack you may pick up on the go. Crack open a few almonds for a quick snack fix, this large nut is also comfortingly low in carbs all-the-while packing a huge fiber punch.

There’s a reason behind the current cauliflower mania and it’s largely to with its low-carb, high-fiber properties. Cauliflower is also a fantastic vegan alternative to lean meats as it soaks up any sauces or spices it is cooked in. The cauliflower can be cooked and prepared in a variety of ways, each one as yummy as the next. Try substituting chicken for cauliflower in your next meal, whether it be a chicken curry or a roasted chicken – make that into cauliflower curry and roasted curry. You’ll be surprised just how flavourful cauliflower can be when cooked right.

For those with a sweet tooth

“What about those pesky sugar cravings?” You may ask. Unfortunately, many natural sugars also come neatly packaged alongside carbs in a thing called fruit. All hope is not lost though, there are fruits that are relatively low on the carb side while maintaining their high-fiber status. Blackberries and raspberries are a great place to start. Familiar fruits with timeless flavor. These berries will add a zing to anything you eat – especially on top of a good breakfast of fiber-filled oats. Hearing that watermelon is low-carb and high-fiber is enough to make anyone rejoice, the thought of guilt-free watermelon smoothies is a good one. If you’re a fan of avocados then you’ll be a fan of what you’re about to find out. These lovely little packages of nutrients and goodness have only 8.35g of carbohydrates per 100g. That’s shockingly low for a fruit of such substance (and yes, they really are a fruit.) So, dig in!

Fruit & veggies

It’s only natural that the vegetables would follow the fruits, you won’t have much trouble trying to find a good low-carb, high-carb veggie. Cucumbers, lettuce, celery to name a few. Not a single one of these veggies even comes close to the 5g of carbs per 100g mark. Even the classic tomato can be consumed in abundance without having to worry about carb content.

If you’re not quite sure how to pair different low-carb foods to make a fiber dense yet almost carb-free meal, start with an egg white omelet with an assortment of low-carb veggies added. Start by adding white mushrooms and green onions for a balanced breakfast.

So, there is really no need to sacrifice your indulgences, you can still fulfill each one of them and with fantastic health benefits to boot! Your new and improved high fiber diet will significantly reduce your chances of suffering from type II diabetes and heart disease. Even if you’re only trying to manage your weight, you can count on fiber. Don’t hold back! Kick carbohydrates to the curb and stock up on fiber – you won’t regret it!


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