Healthy Low Carb Meal Ideas-Easy Guide

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Low carb foods are  not just for diabetics or those on a weight loss journey, they are foods that can be eaten by anyone who is health conscious and wants to choose healthier options sometimes or everytime!

Anyone who’s gone low-carb has been there. You’ve just started off and you don’t have any idea of what you’re doing. Maybe you’ve found your meals are stagnating and you want to spice things up a little or you’re just far too busy to spend time on elaborate preparation for every meal. “There has to be a solution!” you may ask after being left scratching your head in confusion after searching far and wide for the perfect recipes for your situation. I have to break it to you, there is a solution, and you may just have found it here.

I will provide a compendium of fast, satisfying, and low-carb meals for you to try – all according to your specific needs. So’ don’t deprive yourself any longer! Dive into the world of few carbohydrates and realize that it need not be as daunting or time-consuming as it seems.


We will begin with breakfast just as you’d start any day with it. Getting breakfast right is essential towards your wellbeing throughout the entire day, so it’s best you don’t skip on it!

Eggs are your delicious friend for this meal. High in protein and essential vitamins while comfortingly low in carbs – where could you go wrong?

An egg can be manipulated into a variety of formations with a variety of toppings and be ready to eat within a matter of minutes.

What about a breakfast skilled with all the flavor and goodness with sweet potatoes swapped for the carb-heavy potatoes? Try adding some vegetables and prawns to rolled eggs and sweet potatoes mix for an extra health boost, sprinkle some salt, pepper, hot sauce and cilantro on top and you’ve got yourself a low-carb meal!

Low-carb breakfast can be undeniable delicious If you’ve got a spare hour in the morning you can even consider whipping yourself up some smoked salmon or bacon without breaking any dietary rules.

Try making a broccoli and bacon burrito using eggs instead of bread, or a similar omelet if preparation goes topsy turvy.

Stuffed peppers of the cheese and ham variety could fill that empty hole in your stomach for hours and bring you happily into lunch!

If eggs aren’t your thing you can always try cottage cheese bowls. These creamy bowls can be topped off with any topping of your choice, think chia seeds or chopped fruit.



You’re in for another treat come lunchtime, the delicious options don’t whittle away. Just seeing the words BLT(Bacon Lettuce and Tomatoes) and Spring rolls in the same sentence is enough to set mouth’s watering. Don’t hold back, fill up on the easily made and scrumptious BLT spring roll with its thin low-carb wrapping and healthy lettuce, tomato and bacon filling, you’ll be left speechless from the spectacular taste.

What More?

Lunch box salads are perfect for those on the go. Consider packing up some protein-filled lettuce wraps with any vegetable of your choice added. Surrounding these wraps with cherry tomatoes, onion, celery or an extra snack to pick at is an excellent idea.

Does a salami and brie plate tickle your fancy? Try it out! Add some avocado, spinach, and nuts to the plate and you have yourself a healthy, sustaining and low-carb meal to maintain your energy. Maybe you’d just like to go a small bit simpler and quicker, try a turkey plate – the variety of meat plates possible for a low-carb diet is endless so get creative!

If you have some time and are looking for a big treat, why not try bacon and cheddar balls? The prep is surprisingly easy but lengthy, you’ll thank yourself for having taken the time after you taste the smoky bacon pared with the sharp cheddar cheese. Simply delectable!

If you still can’t decide what to have for lunch, get creative with salad making. Find out what works for you. It’s highly recommended that you chop up your salad foods finely so that you can eat it easily with a fork. Doing this may take longer but it will aid with digestions and increase your salad-eating experience immensely.



It’s dinner time and you’re in need of a big feed after a long day. Maybe you’re ravenous and want to speedily prepare a tasty meal, perhaps you have time, you could even be cooking for friends and want them to experience the very best that a low-carb has to offer.

Whatever it is, there’s the perfect recipe for it.

If you’re looking for a fast, yummy and healthy fix then an open tray sausage and the veggie mix is your best bet. All there is to it is prepping vegetables of your choice, chopping up a sausage, seasoning and then placing the tray in the oven to roast. This comes out as 5 minute prep time max.

If it’s a large empty hole in your stomach that you’re looking to fill, maybe you’re in need of a pasta-like dish. Invest in a spiralizer (highly recommended for those on a strict low-carb diet,) and you’ll find yourself with the ability to shred any veggie into a spaghetti-like form.


The great thing is that they are cheap and you don’t need to break the bank to buy one. I bought the handheld spiralizer for less than 10 dollars  but it didn’t work well for me so I bought the Brieftons heavy duty spiralizer with different blades for variety of shapes and sizes  on Amazon and it has been fantastic! This healthy spaghetti can form the base of many filling dishes. Try adding parmesan and garlic to the veggie spaghetti for a truly filling meal that may even impress your friends.

The famous cauliflower will save the day once again with its ability to be made into a low-carb base for pizza. Try your hand at making a cauliflower crust pizza base and add your choice of toppings for a tasty end-of-the-day meal.

An important aspect of being an adherent to a low-carb diet is the need to get creative with your meals, to use your imagination and to discover new flavors. Don’t become dissatisfied with your low-carb diet simply because you haven’t tried enough recipes. Get out there and put your cooking skills to use!



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6 Responses

  1. Good one. But what about having too much eggs for breakfast as an adult? Do you think it’s healthy in the long run as fried?

    1. Thank you Uchechi. Studies show that eating up to 3 eggs daily is safe either as fried, boiled or scrambled. Try to keep it at 3 maximum as no studies have fed people more than 3 eggs per day. I hope this helps.

  2. Oh wow! Thanks for this. I had always assumed bacons were to be avoided but I’m glad to see one could still include it in a meal. I have to eat healthier now due to health challenges though i find it difficult to prepare meals. Any idea where to buy a spiralizer? That’s a fantastic idea and i never thought about it. Great piece!!

    1. Yes!Bacon is made up of 50% monounsaturated fat which is heart healthy, 10% polyunsaturated fat and 40% saturated fat and cholesterol. It is considered healthy because the typical serving size is small. You can find Spiralizer on Amazon, I will include the link in the article. Thank you for reading.

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