Easy Whole Wheat Waffle Recipe-Healthy Subsitute!

Healthy eating is not a form of punishment but a wise decision of choosing healthier foods to prevent or manage diseases. This easy whole wheat waffle recipe is delicious and a great alternative to white flour waffle. We are used to eating a lot of refined or simple carbs which is not rich in nutrients and rapidly raises blood sugar which can lead to obesity, type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure.

Whole wheat is a whole grain that is recommended in place of the heavily refined white flour because it is a complex carbohydrate. Complex carbs do not rapidly increase blood sugar because they contain fiber, antioxidants and protein which makes it digestion slowly and provide adequate amount of energy for the body.



2 cups of whole grain wheat

3 Eggs

400 ml of Milk

1 tbs of baking powder

2 tbs of honey

1/8 cup or 30ml of olive oil.


Break eggs into a baking bowl and whisk.

Add the milk and honey then whisk again.

Add the wheat flour and baking powder and mix

Add olive oil and mix smooth.

Allow to sit for 10 Minutes to leaven

Preheat waffle maker (depending on the one you have) then pour batter in the waffle maker. Mine automatically shows a green light when it is ready. Serve with berries and enjoy your healthy whole wheat waffle. You can make the honey 3 spoons or use a sachet of stevia if you have sweet tooth. This easy whole wheat waffle is a power breakfast because it is rich in protein, complex or right carbs, fiber, healthy fats, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Benefits of a Power Breakfast.

Here are some benefits of starting your day strong with a healthy breakfast.

Breakfast jump starts the brain– Breakfast is the first meal of the day after a period of fasting (during the night). That’s why it is called “breakfast”. The body digests the last meal of the day and send nutrients to the different organs. It needs to be refueled in the morning because the brain requires a constant supply of energy. An ideal healthy breakfast should contain complex carbs, protein, healthy fats, fiber and vitamins.

Breakfast Sets the Day– A power breakfast gets you ready and sets the day! What you consume as breakfast can determine how your day goes. Studies show that people who consumed protein and fiber in breakfast meals stayed full longer than those who consumed simple carbs because protein and fiber provides satiety.

Breakfast Keeps you Lean– A healthy breakfast promotes weight loss and helps you stay lean. This because when you eat foods rich in protein, fiber, healthy fats and complex carbs, they will gradually supply energy and nutrients to the body while keeping you full due to slow digestion. Simple carbs digest much faster than protein, fats and complex carbs with fiber and makes you hungry frequently. That is why protein, healthy fats and fiber rich foods are recommended for weight loss.

Additional Vital Information

Many of our favorite foods have healthier substitutes. For these healthy waffles, I substituted white flour with whole wheat flour, butter or vegetable oil was substituted with cold pressed extra virgin olive oil, waffle syrup was substituted with blueberries and sugar was substituted with honey or stevia. The main cause of age related diseases or unhealthy aging is poor diet or nutrition. Begin to eat foods that will strengthen your immune system and body rather than weaken it. Heavily processed or refined foods are not friends of the body and weaken it as you grow older.

This is not just for adults, it is also important for children to eat healthy foods so they can grow strong and healthy. The 2 major organs that are affected by poor nutrition are the brain and the eyes. Children need proper brain and sight development with healthy foods. Consider cutting down on heavily processed and refined foods and choose the healthy or REAL FOOD!

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Good health is very important for every individual knowing that a poor health can end life. Waking up to seeing that many people are still struggling with some health issues that could have been prevented naturally inspired me to enlighten people about the dangers of unhealthy eating and provide healthy alternative options that can help people live and stay healthy.