Easy Low Carb Dessert Recipes-A Guide to Healthy Sweets

Searching for low carb desserts? Get in here to find some delicious options you can try! Being on a low-carb diet is no reason to completely deprive yourself of the sweeter things in life. Whether you are a stringent follower or simply dabbling in a lower carb lifestyle – there are plenty of varied desserts for your taste buds to enjoy! Find some low carb desserts recipes here so can you can savour its deliciousness without guilt or compromising your health and diet needs.


How do I get started?


With flour, the heart of all baking, containing a whopping 76g of carbs per 100g, you may have given up entirely on the dessert scene. There is, however, a little alternative here to save the day known as almond flour. Almond flour is essentially made up of only ground almonds and is commonly used as the base of low-carb baking. Coconut flour comes in as a close second favorite for those who wish to keep a clean carb conscience while chowing down on a sweet treat. The flour is simply made from drying and grounding the flesh of the coconut until it is flaky. You may be thinking that though these bases add sustenance to any cake, where is my actual sweetness? You’ll find that in the aptly named sweeteners! Naturally, sweeteners are the best and since sugar is the quintessential carb … that’s completely out of the question. So, looking to plant-derived sweeteners may be your first option!

Stevia is a natural sweetener given its name from the Stevia rebaudiana plant from which it is derived. Being Nonnutritive and zero calories, it is a fantastic option. Other possible sweeteners such as Erythritol, Yacon syrup, and sucralose all do the job just fine.

A variety of nuts and seeds alongside cream cheese (a great alternative to icing,) are all essentials in the pantry of any low-carb diet enthusiast with a flair for baking or a fierce sweet tooth.

Some Recipes To Try Out

For those of you with a penchant for chocolate, hold onto your seats: it is possible to have your chocolate molten lava cake and eat it. The ingredients are simple, and you can find out how to whip them together into a scrumptious cake over at


Maybe you’re looking for frozen yoghurt fix as you plop down after a hard day, not looking to spend a long time on preparation. Here is a https://www.wholesomeyum.com/sugar-free-keto-frozen-yogurt-recipe/ that is low-carb and really easy to make with Greek yoghurt, berries, lemon and vanilla extract. Yum!!!

Craving cookies that taste like the real thing? There’s even a variety of recipes for just that! You just have to look at the mouthwatering images of cookies over at https://sugarfreelondoner.com/?s=sugar+free+cookies to know that they’re worth making.

What if I’m not into all that prep?

If you’re not of the baking persuasion and would rather have a dessert placed down in front of you without having to worry about its carb content, don’t fret – there are also options for you! ‘Enlightened Ice-cream’ have branded themselves the makers of ‘the ice-cream that is good for you, and it’s true. With its high protein and low-fat content this treat is must – not to mention its mind-blowingly low 4g carb content. Looking for some crunchy nibbles? Try out ‘Cacao Nibs’ that will satisfy your cravings lickety-split.

There are many other store-bought low-carb desserts and snacks – you just have to get out and scour shelves for them. Keep an eye out for any product that is recommended for the keto diet, as this is an alternative method of advertising low-carb products.

The icing on the cake.

What is a dessert without it’s topping? “Healthier and less carb-packed!” you may be thinking – au contraire – there are numerous healthy and low-carb toppings to choose from to sweeten up your sweet treat.

Starting with fruit, you probably already know that it contains carbs and though it is a low amount of carbs, it is not entirely negligible. Here is a list of low-carb to high-carb fruits to make sure that you make the right decision when picking which flavorful little nutrient packets to add to your dessert!


• Raspberry – 60g contains 3g of carbs.

• Blackberry – 70g contains 4g of carbs.

• Watermelon – 100g contains 8g of carbs.

• Coconut flesh – 60g contains 2.5g of carbs.

• Strawberries – 100g contains 6g of carbs.

High-carb foods to avoid are Bananas raisins, mango, pineapple and apply – all containing over 20g per 100g. Fruits work perfectly as low-carb dessert toppings, providing you with enough sweetness to satisfy a whole mouth of sweet teeth, low calorie, and packed full of essential vitamins and nutrients.

Perhaps you like your ice cream saucy but it seems like carbs keep popping up every time you look for a suitable sauce. Try whipped cream, it is essentially carb-free in comparison to other sauces with its 12g per 100g carb content. There is also a plethora of yummy low-carb, low-sugar sauce recipes just waiting to be discovered by you! You can buy them or even hone in your baking skills by making them yourself! An advantage of making your own toppings (and desserts) is the ability to control exactly how much carbs and other ingredients go into your treat! And if you seriously can’t resist and are in need of some comforting hot fudge – melted peanut butter is always a suitable low-carb option that feels just like the real thing.

So, you don’t have to say goodbye to toppings or garnish just yet! You just have to make the right choice.

There you have it. You don’t have to miss out on anything for the sake of your health. You get to enjoy fantastic alternatives of all your favorites, often so good that you won’t even notice the difference – you might even prefer them. So, what are you waiting for? Get stuck in and satisfy those cravings!



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