Benefits of Eating Mushrooms Daily


Do you see mushrooms in the grocery store each time you go shopping but do not know much about it? Why you should eat them or the benefits they deliver to the body if eaten daily? Get in here! There is a lot of goodness in nature and it is up to us to discover them and enjoy. Mushrooms also known as toadstools are the fleshy, fruiting body of fungi. They are wild or cultivated and have become a great part of a meal delivering powerful nutrients to the body.

There are 3 categories of mushrooms: Edible mushrooms which are generally like puffball and have different tasty flavors, Inedible mushrooms which have unpleasant taste but not poisonous or do not cause ill health and Poisonous mushrooms which contain toxins, generally to protect against hungry wildlife and not safe or good for human consumption. The edible mushrooms are the focus here and why you should consider eating them daily.


Mushrooms Contain Bioactive Metabolites

Bioactive metabolites are chemical compounds which are found in plants and certain foods and have actions or influence physiological and cellular activities that promote good health. A category of food that supplies the body with the nutrients that helps to keep the body healthy without the risk of harm is essential for daily consumption. Studies show that mushrooms contain bioactive secondary metabolites that may have anti-tumor, antioxidant and antiviral effects. Mushrooms have been used long ago in country like China for their medicinal benefits. They contain soluble fibers which helps to the lower the risk of heart diseases. Its anti -tumor properties are found in its selenium content which helps in the healing of wounds by decreasing inflammation and also decreasing tumor growth rates which can prevent cancer. They also contain antioxidants which protect body cells from damage caused by free radicals and potentially preventing Cancer. Mushrooms also have antiviral properties according to research and they may boost the body’s immune system or natural defense against viruses.

Rich In Proteins

This edible fungi are low in carb and fat but rich in protein, vitamins (C an B-6), fibers and minerals like potassium. This means that it is very appropriate for a low carb diet or diabetic diet. Mushrooms are high in protein that they can be used as a remedy for protein deficiency. They contain essential amino acids which are found in animal proteins. You can consume mushrooms daily without fear of gaining weight or jeopardizing your health rather you will be supplying the body with needed nutrients to aid its proper functioning.

Help to Lower Cholesterol

Cholesterol is produced by the body and also contained in certain foods and oils. High cholesterol in the body poses a health risk for the body especially the heart. It is important to supply the body with the required amount of cholesterol or consume food that do not have the tendency to increase it but lowers it. Mushrooms are very low in fat and carbohydrates and while containing soluble fiber and minerals which can help lower cholesterol or at least not increase it.

Lowers the Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes is one that is caused by high blood sugar or insulin resistance. It is very important to eat foods that have fewer starch content. Mushrooms can be consumed in good quantity because they are very low in carbohydrates or starch. The vitamin C contained in mushrooms also help to strengthen the immune system. Eat this nutritious fungi daily to enjoy its goodness.

Mushrooms Taste Great

Whether you are one who is very choosy with foods or eat everything that is healthy, you can give mushrooms a try. Aside the nutritional and medicinal benefits of mushrooms, they taste great. I did not know about mushroom until I was introduced to it by a family member and since then, I have made it part of my daily meals. I tried it in soups and stews and loved the taste. It also tastes really good in vegetable pizza and I was not disappointed. It has a very soft and great delicious taste in my opinion.

Good to Know

There are different varieties of mushrooms including the edible ones and there are no universal rules for telling a poisonous or inedible mushroom from an edible one. If you can’t tell the difference, I recommend buying from the grocery store where it has been certified edible and safe.

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