Benefits of Eating Almonds Daily


Regardless of your love for different categories of foods especially seeds or nuts, it is very important to include foods that help to build and maintain your body. This is because, “your body is the only place you have to live.” The body needs daily supply of essential nutrients and some foods are packed with some of them. Almonds, regarded as the most popular nut in the world are specifically seeds of the almond fruit. They are super food that are very rich in vital body nutrients like vitamin E, Manganese, magnesium, copper, phosphorus, fiber, riboflavin, monounsaturated fatty acids and protein. Below are some reasons why you should consider daily consumption of almonds.Almonds

Almonds Reduce Cholesterol in the Body

The nutrients contained in almonds deliver great benefits to the body. Studies show that taking 7g of almonds daily can reduce the cholesterol concentration of the body by 1% despite it’s high fat content. Cholesterol is an important substance which is produced by the body and can also be consumed in foods. It allows the body to produce vitamin D and certain hormones. Cholesterol should be at normal level but when it rises or becomes too high in the body, it poses some health risks especially coronary heart diseases. Since cholesterol is produced by the body, it is crucial for an individual to watch its intake in foods so that it stays at a normal level. Almonds are one of those foods you can eat without the fear of increasing the cholesterol content of your body as it proven to reduce it.

Almonds Promote Weight Loss

Though almonds have the capacity to make one feel full because they are rich in fiber, they do not cause weigh gain. In recent times, many people have become conscious of what they consume due to the negative effects of obesity on the body. Many are also looking to lose weight rather than gain more. Studies show that daily consumption of almonds does not lead to weight gain, rather, including almonds in a low carb diet appeared to promote more weight loss. The result of a study showed that almonds did not increase the risk of weight gain at 43g per day consumption, rather it supplied the body with vital nutrients.

Great Source of Vitamin E

Almonds contain a substantial amount of vitamin E providing 37% of daily intake in just 1 ounce. This implies that taking less than 3 ounces of almonds daily can supply the body with about 100% of daily requirement of vitamin E for the body. Vitamin E is a very essential nutrient required daily because it protects the body tissue from substances called free radicals that can harm body cells, organs or tissues. It helps to keep the immune system strong and also promotes a healthy skin. Rather than take supplements of vitamin E daily, you can snack or consume this delicious wonder seed while supplying your body with vital nutrients.

Different Ways Of Eating Almonds

There are different ways of consuming this super food. You are not a fan of one way? you can try the other ways to get the benefits you need.

  • Direct Eating as Snacks: Almonds are seeds that can be enjoyed eating raw or roasted as a snack. I enjoy eating almonds raw or slightly baked in the oven. I tried baking raw almonds a bit in the oven and realized it gives it a unique rich taste completely different from the roasted one and better than the raw one. Depending on which you prefer, you sure are going get a great taste and the nutrients it contains.
  • Baking Bread: Raw almonds can be ground to powder form and used in baking home made low carb bread with eggs, flax seed, chia seeds and honey. They are generally sold with the brown bark or outer layer but can also be found in stores with the outer layer removed and sliced to flakes or powdered form. Even if you don’t find the powdered form in the store, you can buy the flakes or the one with bark and blend to fine texture. You will still get the rich taste and nutrients. Enjoy this nutritious bread with a cup of tea or coffee for breakfast or snack.
  • Almond Milk Drink : Another refreshing way to enjoy the goodness of almond is through its liquid form. There are lots of almond drinks on the counter in stores but another good news is that the milk is very easy to make at home. All you need to do is soak the seeds for about 8 to 12 hours or overnight, blend smooth with water and seive to remove the coarser particles. The liquid you get from seiving is your almond milk! Put in the refrigerator and enjoy a cool hydrating and enriching drink from nature.
  • Add To Salads: Have you ever tried adding nuts to your salad? Well, I did and it was surprisingly delicious. I made salad with cabbage, lettuce, grated carrots, sliced tomatoes, onions and sliced boiled eggs. I added some almonds, walnuts, pecan nuts and Brazil nuts. All in very small quantity to balance out and it was nutritiously delicious and also low carb.


Tree nuts are packed with essential body nutrients and it is always good to try to feed the body daily with foods that will strengthen rather than weaken it. Not every food, seeds or nuts are found in every country but if you happen to have this nature’s goodness in your location, consider consuming them. However, watch out for any reaction as many people are allergic to different foods especially nuts.

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