Avoiding Weight Gain During Holidays-Eat Smart!

People are often excited about holidays because it is a period of leisure for friends and families. When people get a break from work, they spend quality time with family and friends. This comes with a lot of merriment, eating and drinking especially during festivities. Many of the foods involve treats that are high in simple sugar.

Though the temptation is very high, do not gorge on these sweets to avoid gaining weight during holidays. It is important to give yourself a treat once in a while even on a diet (except the treats or foods contain ingredients that can endanger your health), but do not be carried away and consume so much to prevent weight gain that you will have to work extra hard to shake off after the holidays

Here are some tips to help you maintain a healthy weight or weight loss journey

Choose healthier foods and drink options

At Home

If you are the one doing the cooking during this period, choose healthier food options and ingredients for your food. You do not have to take carbohydrates out of the meals entirely, you just have to cook less of it and more of the healthy ones. Oat muffins can replace white flour muffins. See   https://brendid.com/healthy-oatmeal-muffins-no-flour-no-sugar-no-oil/  for oatmeal recipe to try. Brown rice in place of white rice. A pasta meal can have spiralized carrots and zucchini in equal portions for a more balanced healthy meal.

Fruits that are low in carbs or sugar like apples, watermelon, peach, berries, avocados and cantaloupe are great options. Apples and strawberries contain vitamin C found in oranges that are higher in carbs. Cantaloupe is also high in potassium just like banana that has higher carbs content.

Make vegetables a great part of your meals. Cooked spinach and broccoli are also high in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that nourishes the body while preventing weight gain.

Blend fruits and vegetables for drinks rather than the high sugar soda drinks and juices made from concentrates.

Outside the Home

If you are out for a meal at the hotel or restaurants, still go for healthy food and drink options, bearing in mind that it is very easy to gain weight and very difficult to lose. Your fun time should not jeopardize your weight loss goal and have you start all over again afterwards.

Healthy food combination

Avoiding weight gain during holidays can be tricky but knowing what and how to eat can help you through it without addition to your weight. When making or choosing foods to eat, take more healthy foods and very little of the less healthy ones. For instance, if you are a bread or rice lover, you can take just little of it (to satisfy the desire) and lots of protein like eggs, fish, lean meat and chicken as well as vegetables. This will ensure that you do not consume excess carbohydrates that can cause weight gain or increase blood sugar.

Create time for physical activity or exercise

Part of the fun of holidays is going out. Do not sit at home all day eating and drinking without any physical activity. Going out will make you walk around and burn some calories. Weight gain occurs when calorie intake in higher than calorie expended. This simply implies when you eat and drink without any form of physical activity or exercise to burn some calories, it can cause weight gain. If you do not want to go out or is restricted due to weather conditions, try one or some of these home exercises.

5 Home Exercises For Weight Loss

Many hotels have a gymnasium for guests. If you are one who does not bother using the gym when lodged in a hotel, start using it! It is there to keep your health and fitness goals on track. The exercise machines in the gym no matter how few will go a long way in helping you avoid weight gain during the holidays.

Have a good Sleep

A sound rest or sleep is also very crucial to avoiding weight gain during holidays. This is very important to the body and health especially after a tired day. Try not get caught up in all manners of activities during holidays that will prevent you from having quality sleep. Good sleep is as important as healthy eating and exercise for healthy body and mind.

So have fun but do not forget your health goals because your body depends on you for its development and vitality!

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  1. I read your post but couldn’t make my comment then. I want to encourage you because your writing style is very simple and interesting to the reader. Each time I go through your article, I am able to take with me some tips for my diet and this wasn’t an exception.

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