8 Strategies for a Happier you-Happiness Boosters

Are you taking intentional action to increase your happiness?  Taking the time to think about this will help you live your best life.Check out these 8 strategies for a happier you or happiness boosters. A lot of times I have found my self feeling unhappy about different issues and it affected me so much that I lost sleep for some days. Yes! I developed insomnia. Being unhappy can significantly affect your metal health and blood pressure which can lead to adverse effects on your health and overall well-being!

Research shows that when you increase your level of happiness, you’ll make more money and have better health. Additionally, you’ll start to feel wonderful and experience an overall sense of peacefulness.

Happiness permeates everything you say, do, think, and choose in life. Now I am in a place where I see and react to issues differently and this has had a great impact on my metal health and productivity!

Infuse these strategies into your busy life to boost your happiness factor:


  1. Engage in activities you enjoy. Although this seems obvious, it’s helpful to remind yourself that the things you love to do can bring you real happiness. Make time for activities that you enjoy each week.
  2. Push your boundaries. Studies have shown that individuals who aren’t afraid to try new things or partake in experiences outside their comfort zone tend to feel happier.
  • The joys of discovery and curiosity make you feel more alive.
  1. Create a living space you love. When you construct the perfect living space, you’ll feel at home as soon as you step in the door. With a small amount of money, you can infuse colors you love and things that bring contentment into your surroundings.
  • Start with one room and decorate it to your liking. Clip pictures from magazines for inspiration. Feeling at home in your own space brings deep feelings of connectedness, safety, and security. These are all necessary for happiness.
  1. Spend less time focusing on the details. This is actually one of my favorite happiness boosters. Those who take a positive approach to life, without getting hung up on the details, live the happiest lives.
  • When you spend time worrying about a remark someone said, a look a friend gave you, or an unsavory incident from your day, you’re subtracting from your happiness factor.
  • Rather than analyzing every segment of an exchange you had with your spouse or a colleague, focus on the positive aspects instead.
  1. Bask in the success of your co-workers and loved ones. When someone close to you accomplishes something, ensure you’re there to celebrate with them. Share joy with one another.
  2. Volunteer and give to others. When you step up to help someone, you’ll feel happy and fulfilled. It’s also true that we’re happier when we buy gifts for others instead of ourselves.
  3. Live in the type of community you prefer. For many, the ideal community is a place where you can get outside and walk until your heart is content. Living near your friends, walking to the grocery store or coffee shop, and gathering at the local park for an evening of camaraderie will all bring you joy.
  • Many communities are classified as walking communities, such as New York City, Boston, Savannah, South Beach, Milwaukee, and Santa Fe.
  1. Be flexible when you experience negative feelings. Although you might feel uncomfortable telling your best friend that she hurt your feelings, you might feel okay about sharing your disappointment with your sister instead.
  • Allowing yourself to feel the negative feelings can help you adjust to tough situations. When you’re well-adjusted with good coping skills, you’ll find that life is easier and more stress-free.

Boosting your happiness will enrich your life in a multitude of ways. You’ll enjoy greater mental and physical health and achieve more success in your professional endeavors.  So put these happiness boosters into action today and enjoy the great benefits, one of which is peace of mind.

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  1. Really love reading this. Such a beautiful piece. I have learnt to make myself feel happy no matter what. It’s a challenge but I’ll get there.thank you so much

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