5 Kitchen Gadgets for Healthy Eating

Whether you are new to healthy eating or have been on it, there are certain gadgets that are must-haves to make your food preparation easier, faster and more interesting! Kitchen gadgets for healthy eating are tools used for easier preparation of varieties of healthy foods and drinks.

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Kitchen Digital Scale

If you are looking to consuming a certain amount of calories each day, get this! It is very difficult to know the amount of calories you consume if you do not have a digital scale. This is particularly crucial for those on a diet for weight loss or watching their calorie intake. This scale tells you the amount of your food in grams. Then you check for the quantity of calories in the food based on the weight. A gram of protein and carbohydrates have 4 calories each while a gram of fat has 9 calories.

If you want to know the exact amount of calories in your food, you can visit https://caloriecontrol.org/healthy-weight-tool-kit/food-calorie-calculator/ to check based on your food quantity in grams.

This will help you not to exceed your daily calorie intake. You can get kitchen scales in gadgets store or online on Amazon


Investing in a very good blender is very worthwhile. This is because you will need it very often if you are a frequent cook. It is also used to blend all kinds of fruits and vegetables to make drinks or smoothies. The healthy way to juice is to blend. Smoothies can be consumed at any time of the day. The nutrients in your smoothie depends on the ingredients. If you are a weight watcher, opt for fruits like berries or apples and leafy green vegetables for a super nutritious drink! Having a very multi functional blender that can blend dry foods and nuts is also very essential. This is because you can make nut butter or blend dry foods like almond to powder form for your healthy low carb baking.

Blender is a very common kitchen tool. However, there are different brands and quality. I find the NutriBullet ZNBF30500Z Blender Combo to be a very powerful blender that is multi functional and very efficient. You can get this from Amazon.

See https://hothealthies.com/nutribullet-znbf30500z-blender-combo-review/


Spiralizer is a very essential tool for healthy eating especially for noodles or pasta lovers. This tool spiralizes different kinds of vegetables to noodle form so you can enjoy your vegetables in a pasta form. A very common vegetable that has become very popular in healthy low carb meals is zucchini. There are many recipes to try using spiralized vegetables. Some spiralizers come with a recipe ebooks you can download and explore. You can also use it to spiralize carrots, potatoes, onions and so on. This makes your healthy eating lifestyle interesting and helps you to keep going rather than getting bored from eating a particular kind of food every day.

A very good spiralizer to buy if you do not have one is the Brieftons 10-Blade Spiralizer. Just as the name implies, this spiralizer has 10 blades that produce different sizes and shapes of vegetables for you to cook and enjoy. You can get this here on Amazon. See also Brieftons 10-Blade Spiralizer Review.

Air Fryer

The invention of air fryers is really a commendable one because it helps to reduce the calories in deep oil-fried foods. This kitchen gadget is very good for frying chicken. It works by swirling hot air throughout the cooking chamber, resulting in heat distribution that fries the food it contains. It gives me amazing results for chicken like it was grilled in the oven or deep-fried. It is also very easy to use. The older models require you to preheat before putting your chicken in the basket and begin the main frying but the recent and digital models do not require you to preheat which saves time and still delivers great result.

You can get the manual or digital air fryers in gadget stores around you or online on Amazon and Souq (For Middle East).

Egg Poacher

Eggs are one of the healthiest foods on earth that is safe to consume every day. Research shows that a normal adult can consume up to 3 eggs daily. This gadget makes eating eggs very easy! Rather than boil your eggs in boiling water on the cooker, you can use a poacher to do this. A great advantage of this tool is that it has a setting where you choose your desired doneness of the egg. There is soft, medium and hard. It also comes with an omelette tray you can use to make omelette so it is not just for cooking eggs with shell. It also has a built in buzzer and timer that automatically shuts off when eggs are done based on your setting. This makes using it even safer.

What more?

This gadget comes with parts are very easy to wash. The removable parts are also dishwasher safe. Some even come with recipes you can try. Check gadget stores around you for this or online on Amazon.

Healthy lifestyle should not be boring. These kitchen gadgets for healthy eating will definitely make your journey less stressful and worthwhile.




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  1. These are the most healthy gadgets every one should have at home at this time when everything we eat are processed. Thanks for this write up and reminding us of their important. I will sure get some for myself this holiday session. Not too sure where to get most of these , where do I get them?

  2. This is a wonderful knowledge a d I thought I was the only one who may not have known some of the appliances but with over ten persons that I shared this post with got back to me that they weren’t using over half of the appliances and some promised to get started. It is a nice way to begin healthy eating and living

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