5 Home Exercises for Weight Loss-Effective Workout

Having a job at home or out is very essential to making ends meet. This has made our lives very busy that we do not even have the time to go to the gym to exercise or other sport facilities. Especially when we have young kids who also rely on us for their daily living. Exercise is very crucial to our health and well-being. It is as important as dieting for weight loss because lack of physical activities or exercises to burn calories consumed can slow down the effectiveness of dieting for weight loss. Healthy eating or dieting work together with exercises to keep you healthy and help you reach you weight loss goals.

If you are one of those who barely have time or do not have the time to exercise outside your home, there is good news for you as you can consider these home exercises for weight loss.

Jumping Rope

This is a very effective full body workout for weight loss. You just need to purchase the rope which is cheap and easy to find in stores or even online. You can choose days and time to do this at home to make it a routine. All you have to do is to find a space in your house where nothing obstructs the rope while you jump. It could be your garage. Research shows that jumping rope can help you burn about 1300 calories in one hour. This is quite significant considering I am able to burn just about 500 calories in one hour on a treadmill using moderate workout setting that sets the heart rate to 120 according to my age. Jumping rope can be a bit difficult to do for long when you are just starting out but just go at your own pace and keep increasing the time gradually. With time, your body will adjust and build more endurance for you to go longer.

Jumping Jacks and Burpee

This is another good home exercise for weight loss. You only need yourself to do this and you can do jumping jacks comfortably in your living room. Jumping jacks involves standing with your feet together and your arms by your sides. Then jump to place you feet apart at the same time as raising your hands over your head and lowering your hands while bringing your feet back together. You have to return to start to complete one repetition. To do a burpee properly as taught by an expert, you stand with your feet slightly apart, then squat down and put your hands between your knees, straight out with a push up, then straight back and then stand up. Jumping jacks and burpee are plyometric exercises that have cardiovascular benefits and also great for weight loss because they burn calories. Burpee helps to strengthen the muscles as well. Some fitness experts recommend 5 jumping jacks and 1 burpee to complete a circle.

Push Ups

Push ups are also weight loss exercises you can do at home. I usually do push ups early in the morning before breakfast so that my tummy is basically empty. It involves getting on the ground with your arms directly below your shoulders but a little wider. Get your feet behind you and keep your legs straight. With your toes pointing in ensure you butt is not too high or low and lower down to let your chest drop to the ground. Exhale and push and this makes it one. Then you can keep going for the number your body can go. Push ups help to build strength and improve your body posture while also burining calories. You can start slowly to see how many you can do and increase gradually.

Plyo Step Ups

This form of exercise is one of my favorites even in the gym. At home, you can use a low chair, bench or wooden box that is very balanced. You start by placing your right foot on the box while the left foot stays on the floor. Keeping your body straight, drop the right foot to the floor while placing the left foot on the box at the same time and keep going to the point you want to stop. This is also a plyometric exercise that has cardiovascular benefits and burn calories which promotes weight loss.

Toe Tap

This is also a good home exercise for weight loss. You need a mat for this or you can do it on a carpet if you have one at home. To begin, you place your hands underneath your buttom, then raise your legs to table top position. Flex the ankle while maintaining steady flexion of the knee. Slowly extend the right hip reaching your right foot towards the floor and barely tapping your foot on the floor. Raise your right leg and repeat with your left leg. Keep repeating to the length of time your body can carry you.

It is very important to know that you can always start slowly to the level of your body endurance. You can also check this video  youtube for better visual. So what are you waiting for? Start trying out these exercises at home and keep your weight loss or health goals on track!

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