5 Healthy Low Carb Recipes for Diabetics

We all know that what we eat is linked to our health, what we eat can have significant effects on how we feel and our long-term quality of life. For diabetics, this sentiment is particularly pronounced as what they consume can vary their health and well-being from day to day. The pancreas of a diabetic person is unable to produce sufficient insulin to control the body’s blood sugar levels, thus leading to high levels of glucose in the blood. Due to this, if careful management of the condition is not taken, harmful complications can arise including heart disease and even stroke.

Diabetes can partially be managed by administering insulin at regular intervals throughout the day. This, however, is not enough to completely quash the symptoms of diabetes or prevent complications. The additional insulin must be paired with a low-carb diet, considering that carbohydrates are known to rapidly raise or cause fluctuations in blood sugar levels. It may be hard for a diabetic to know where to start, knowing that your diet can have such immediate effects on your health can be overwhelming and with the amount of information available, it’s often hard to know who to listen to.

Here is a comprehensive guide to a few quick meals to manage diabetes that can be whipped up with any level of cooking skills!

Chicken Avocado Salad

Avoiding all red meats that tend to increase diabetes complications due to its fat content, it’s best to start with a lean meat-based meal. You might be wondering about the fats in the avocado but you can put your mind at ease, the majority of avocado fat is monosaturated and heart-healthy. You’ll even get a few of your five a day with this meal, so dive into this health-boosting meal!

In addition, leafy greens contain many antioxidants, Lutein, and Zeaxanthin just to name a few. These antioxidants are known to reduce the possibility of progressive eye disease such as macular degeneration and cataracts – both ailments that diabetics are at a higher risk of contracting. Adding a handful of spinach or kale to any salad is also a sure way for diabetics to consume sufficient amounts of vitamin C – known to reduce fasting blood sugar levels in people with type two diabetes.

Vegetable Chicken Curry

In the time that it would take for a delivery person to arrive you can have this meal whipped up from a view cupboard essentials. The main ingredients consist of chicken, mushroom, pepper, onion, peas, carrot and garlic. Finish this off with some curry powder, vegetable oil, chicken stock cube and you have yourself a blood sugar maintaining, healthy meal, packed full of nutrients and flavor.

Vegetables such as mushrooms and peppers that are high in fiber but low in carbohydrates are particularly important in a meal-plan for diabetics. Adding fiber to your meals further lowers your chance of developing heart conditions and helps to control blood sugar levels along with additional health benefits.

Grilled Cajun Salmon

Stick to fish if you want to witness its spectacular health-boosting abilities. Most fish (particularly of the oily variety) such as salmon contains a plethora of omega-3 fatty acids that are hard to come by in many other foods. These fatty acids are incredibly beneficial to diabetics and have even been proven to stave off the onset of the disease itself. Fortunately, most fish are fast and easy to prepare, not to mention versatile so it never gets boring.
For this beginner meal, all you will need is a fillet of salmon, olive oil, Cajun spice mix, and a hot pan! Turn the salmon gently at regular intervals for 8-10 minutes and voilá, you’ve made a delectable fish meal for yourself! Add in some fresh high-fiber low carb veggies to fill you up.

Low-carb beef and zucchini lasagna

Now this one is a real treat. It may take a little longer to prepare but it’s worth it in the end once you get a bite of that gooey goodness. All you need is an assortment of the usual veggies, sliced zucchini, and beef! As per usual with any type of lasagna, it’s up to you to assemble it as you wish. Spread some mozzarella on top of your yummy creation if you feel like treating yourself. Don’t gorge on this meal if you’re sticking to a low-carb diet. Consider a treat.

Spinach Rolls

If you’re looking for something a little spicy, here’s your pick. Quick and easy to make – you can’t go wrong with these satisfying bites. As you might have noticed if you’ve read every recipe so far – there are staples recommended for every diabetic to stock their pantries to the brim with. This recipe involves a bunch of these common ingredients such as eggs, spinach, garlic and a sprinkle of salt & pepper. These ingredients mixed together to function as a base for your rolls. Following up with even more staples, fry an assortment of vegetables of your choice in a pan and you’ve got your filling. Roll it all up and stick it in the oven at 400oC (200oC) for 25 minutes. This should be long enough to make the rolls nice and crispy for your tasting pleasure.

As you can see, diabetics don’t have to lose out on taste and delicacy just because they have to take care of their blood sugar levels. Diabetics have the opportunity to try new foods in a variety of ways through a multitude of tasty recipes! And they all come with a convenient health-boost to boot! Experiment with these recipes until you find exactly what you’re looking for, then go further and try other recipes. Who knows? You may even end up creating some of your own unique and elaborate recipes as you hone your cooking skills! It is not impossible to cure diabetes but you can certainly manage it while having fun in the process and learning new skills along the way.

So take the leap and good luck on your cooking journe

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